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In these days, many Canadians are enjoying the benefits of working as self-employed instead of making a living as an employee. The number of examples such as “graphic designer, photographer, landscaper, writer, tutor, web developer” etc.

More information for mortgage for self-employed

The people think that it is hard for self-employed to get a mortgage as compared to a person who has full-time permanent job. This is not true, the self-employed business owners also get mortgage, their mortgage process and requirements may be different.

To get a mortgage as a self-employed, you maintain and keep all the records of your income sources. You must prove to the lenders that you have enough income sources to pay the monthly payments of your mortgage. All the records of income must be maintained and well documented. The lender will ask the following documents from a business owner.

  • Bank statements
  • Financial statements
  • Business contracts
  • Business licences
  • Well maintained professional licences
  • Notice of assessment

Just like other applicants, a self-employed applicant must maintain a good credit score. When you make your mind to buy your dream home, give us a call to discuss your best options as a self-employed.

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